Rajika Kacheria’s Beauty Refinery
Welcome to Rajeeka’s Skin & Hair Beauty Refinery, where we are dedicated to give our clients fun and enjoyable experience that will help you meet with your inner serenity along with outer beauty.

  •  Rajika  is a leading Cosmetologist of Ahmedabad.
  • All the products & therapies offered at the salon are customized by her to give you the personalized touch to your experience at the salon.
  • Clients will have consultation with . Rajika, where your Skin/Hair will be analyzed and treatment will be designed accordingly. Please look into the services section to know about the treatments and services offered at the luxurious salon located in prime location of Ahmedabad.
  • Gift Vouchers are available on request – Please visit the salon (see contact) and you can give a memorable gift to the ones you love.

The bridal experience is wonderful where each and every individuals need is understood and met with. Bridal skin polish and glow treatments are a must try experience. All skin treatment being herbal and natural can never cause any side effect and are totally safe.

You can  reclaim true skin and hair health for a long time even once the treatment is done. The centuries old herbal method works much better in the long run.