Perfection With A Personal Touch
This is not like the typical high-end salons you go to.. Where the big boss sits at rest in an exclusive chamber, takes a stroll around the salon and just counts cash at the end of the day.

Here Rajika Kacheria is not just a big name, she herself is on her toes all the time to check if all the services are executed to perfection or not.

I would recommend her facial’s, haircuts, & her bridal package. She makes the bride look as pretty as a princess, she gives the bride a trail to ensure she looks stunningly beautiful on the big day.

The best part about going to her is that she she would do your haircut herself, and would give u a cut that would suit you just right. – Anjali

“Dr. Rajika’s not only help me banish my long troubling skin woes but also help me understand the proper care routine for my skin to fell nourished and glowing” – Apara

“I love getting my make up and hair done at Dr. Rajika’s for those special occasions. They make me feel glamorous instantly.” – Latika

“Hello Rajika madam,
If you remember My name is Purvi, i was one of your old patients around 6-7 yrsago I canto you. I was typical “bahenji” types, ane one of my friend took me to you. Iwas quit FAT, not looking presentable etc etc….

You suggested some diet plan and had mylifestyle managed, you also treated my skin. i used your products as face washfor many years. and now my skin is very very good. Now become quit conscious about my skin.

I am designer by profession and successful in my field AND ALL BECAUSE OF YOU.. its you who made me believein me and taught me to love oneself. i really feel confident after u makeovermy personality. i overcome from inferiority complex…. ALL CREDIT GOES TO YOU.HEARTLY THANKS TO YOU….

I always be thankful to my that friend who took me to you….” Purvi